Panel Discussion

July 10, 2011

The Dallas Art Dealers Association has spent 25 years dedicating itself to art and letting the world know there is nothing to be scared of. On April 16th DADA held the annual Spring Gallery Walk and Panel Discussion at the Goss-Michael Foundation. I was graced with yet another opportunity to work with DADA by participating as a panelist. For those of you who missed me the first time around, I was the guest designer for DADA’s 25th Anniversary which benefited the Edith Baker Art Scholarship. I showcased my Fall/Winter 2010 collection at the Dallas Contemporary. It was that opportunity that allowed me to be a part of this powerful panel discussion. Panel 1: The Intersection of Art and Fashion consisted of moderator Heidi Dillion and panelists Megan Mcquery, Julie Michel, Jason Sheeler, myself.

The hour and twenty minute discussion embodied very key concepts on art vs fashion and the intersection of the two. The panel questions were meant to be the key to unlock the mysterious door on fashion as an art form. Many people seem intimidated by art, as if it is only for the educated. Well that could be the farthest thing from the truth. Art is all around us and we all are influenced by it whether we realize it or not. One of the best qualities about art is that it deals with perspective, therefore inviting everyone to look, think, and speak what is on their mind when looking at art. Fashion is very much the same way, inviting. The two will forever be enablers in our cultural activities.

The questions were so intriguing and brought about many perspectives on the intersection of art and fashion. At the same time the same intersections were questioned if art is more superior to fashion. Audience participation starting weighting in towards the end. I thought that was the turning point in the discussion that dug deeper into the topic at hand. Even Lisa Taylor, Director of DADA had the urge to jump in an answer a question on demystifying art and fashion.

If you would like the full version of the panel discussion you can purchase the video for $15 by contacting DADA at Proceeds benefit the Edith Baker Scholarship and Art Career Development Fund. Here are my Top 5 Questions from the panel discussion, what are your thoughts?

1. What attributes do art and fashion share?

2. When Fashion is presented as an installation, does it automatically become art?

Jason : “ When you put a dress in a museum it is more drastic. Does it capture what the 60 ‘s were about. At the same it is not for everyone. For some people it is just a dress.”

3. Is art superior to fashion?

4. Is the concept of beauty enough to elevate fashion to the status of art?

Audience member: “I think they are not on the same level. Because they put them in the sense that they mean freedom. Art you can express anything that you want, but Fashion deals with things that are docile… ethical, cultural even moral values.”

5. How would you go about demystifying the appreciation of both fashion and art?

Support DADA in their efforts to support artist by buying a video today.

If you are looking for a contemporary line full of life and color  HAUTE DJ  is your answer. It is not just about style but a lifestyle. Think of a woman….lets just call her Darian….or Jessica… who loves music, such as Indie pop and Electronica, with a free but sophisticated spirit ready to take on the world. The first collection from the line was inspired by artist Chihuly’s Sea Forms works, which brings to life “infinite colors, textures and movements of the ocean.” The Spring/Summer 2011 collection uses bright multicolored printed chiffon, luminous sheen jersey, vibrant solid satins and georgettes that emulate ocean waves and the delicate swirls and ripples within Chihuly’s glass works. The jewelry pieces, designed by Jessica Sharp, reflect the elements of underwater life in shape and color. And of course  No other name than “Aquatica” would do our first collection justice, it’s perfecto!  After much dedication and time, we were ready to share our vision to the world.

It was bright and early with zeal written all over our faces.  Everyone met up at Dixie Dixon’s studio in Deep Ellum.  I was about to unveil the collaboration collection and start prepping for yet another amazing shoot. Being  two Texas Next Top Designer finalists shooting our first collection, I am confident that  HAUTE DJ will be the best collaboration Dallas has seen yet.  Our team consisted of Photographer- Dixie Dixon, Design Assistant- Karina Kramer, MUA- Lyndsey Peck and Hairstylist- Yvonne Riggs. Models Jenn Vh and Lindsey Collins brought all the sass, edge, umph, and ooo-la-la… to the shoot.

A clear  sunny sky…..awkwardly warm for this time of year…. couldn’t be more perfect for this shoot. To get everyone pumped for the long day ahead Dixie put us in a trance with some techno and pop sounds from the Cascada radio station on Pandora. The hair and makeup concept behind the photo shoot included big messy buns, voluminous curls, and pop colored lips and eyes as seen on this seasons runways. Jenn Vh  has beautiful “Angelina Jolie” lips so it was only fitting that she wore dragon fruit pink lipstick with softly highlighted eyes.  Lindsey rocked a poppin’ turquoise eye  and a dark nude lip. While the models were getting their makeup and hair finished, Dixie was setting up the lighting perfectly so , Karina and I stayed busy mixing, matching , organizing and styling looks for every shot.

With everyone’s creative juices in a groove, the excitement of all of the gorgeous garments refreshing hair and MU after each style , time slipped past us in what felt like 30 minutes.  We still had to shoot Santa Cruz, Manhattan with Hermosa necklace and two more…. I felt like asking “Hello? Daytime…did you get you morning dose of coffee?” Finding the right amount of light for the shots wasn’t going to stop us. We took control, had fun, and got it done.  Just the way we like to work… smooth pace with positive energy. The end results we know are AMAZING!        

Tell us, what are your favorites?
Over all the shoot was full of life like the aquatic theme of the Spring/Summer collection. I hope the world is ready for this collaboration and vision we call  HAUTE DJ,  because this is only the beginning….
Where to next,?…… MIAMI  pick up your satellite yacht phones!

~D & J

On Saturday November 13th, the Dallas Observer hosted their first ever “Artopia” event. It was a fusion of so many creative outlets: art, dance, fashion and food. And by the looks of the line before the doors opened at 8pm, Dallas was ready for it.

The Masterminds of Dallas Awards were awarding three grants of $2,000 to a local director, a furniture maker, and an artist who advocates peace. The Observer wants to encourage local artists to keep doing what they do and, in turn, help the local scene flourish. I think the Dallas culture needs the award, and events like Artopia.

As people began to make their way into the old LFT space, sensory overload began: there were works of art displayed, numerous bar and food stations set up, live mannequins in the front windows and a live band( which later evolved into live local DJ sets).  It took me a few minutes to take in all the visual stimulation before I could focus on all the other senses! After taking it all in, grabbing a few bites – I went into fashion mode.

Although the fashion organization and planning was handled, I still wanted to be a part of the back stage process. The production was neatly organized by Jonas Park, Founder of Blue Issue Agency and Monica Phi. And thanks to Dear Clark Salon for all the brilliant hair and make-up.

Being the first of several designers who were showcased that night, I peered out into the crowd before my fashion segment at 8:45.   The cocktails where flowing and everyone looked excited to be there. For the first time in a long time, I felt like Dallas was Dallas again! We have always been a city surrounded with great contemporary artists, but we lost our groove for a while.

The fashion show production was simple and direct – it was all about the fashion and the designers. I was so excited at the end of my segment that I couldn’t help but do a little dance. Check out the video below by videographer Wes Sutton.
Hopefully, Artopia has been a wake-up call to all of Dallas: WE NEED MORE ART FUSION CONSISTENTLY! There was a little bit of everything and that’s what made it a success!

DADA Pop-Up Fashion Show

November 7, 2010

A while back (Sept. 25th to be exact), I did a fashion installation for the Dallas Art Dealers Association’s 25th Anniversary. The theme of the night was Dadaism – it’s no surprise considering DADA is their acronym.  The post party was to celebrate the organization, the Edith Baker Art Scholarship and Artist Career Development Fund that provides funding for visual art students.

I was honored to be a part of such an awesome event. We started getting ready early around 4pm.  The show wasn’t until 6pm but the hair and makeup were elaborate, thanks to The Aveda Institute Dallas, lead by Tessa Edwards. My Fall collection is luxury rock and roll, so the facial add-ons really completed the surreal, Dada look.

When 8pm hit, DJ Masai began spinning the best from ’80s, ’90s and 2000’s and  members of The Dallas Conservatory were giving us dance demonstrations. It was hard knowing where to look as there was a lot going on at the same time.

There were occasional pop DADA rants by the Robs of Art Conspiracy impersonations of Marcel Duchamp and Tristan Tzara. Dallas artists Tish Brewer, Shannon Driscoll, Kayli House, Margo Miller and Pamela Nelson were making live paper collages.  Director Colby Allen showed a preview excerpt of his new film Dallas Art City. The main  art exhibition was Here. There. & Beyond, a group show of international, national, and regional artists.

The fashion installation was a my dream come true. The models casually strolled out and  then posed for a few minutes for each segment on raised platforms. There was no runway show – just clothing, art and bodies mixing, making people do a double-take. This presentation would not have been possible without my coordination team, Thanks Cynthia, Yvonne and Karina! And the models – they never seemed to run out of poses!

I truly believe fashion should be presented along side other art forms.  Some of the work exhibited confirmed that – like the multi-dimensional tapestries that use fabric as canvas and then layer different elements into the fabric like old vintage watches, plastic princess wands and swords, to name a few.

To commemorate the DADA’s Silver Anniversary, 25 Dallas artists made mobiles especially for the party, each representing a year of art and history.

Rock N’ Rolla!

August 12, 2010

As I am finishing to  plan out my Fall event calendar, And  yes I said Fall calendar, as I sit in 100+ degree weather …I find myself wanting a change..change in seasons, change in fashion….  So I put a request out into the universe,  and well….. the Universe answered!   Maybe I am just naturally a nostalgic type of person who likes to remember the “good times” OR maybe some things can never be duplicated and should remain in the “Never gets Old” category and should be reintroduced again and again.  Growing up in Dallas, TX was great and having eclectic,creative parents is even better!  I always had my Dallas radio DJ dad to introduce me to the latest Electronic(Musical Star streams 106.1),anything 80’s and Rock and Roll  all while doing donuts in our  Cul-de- Sac at the tender age of 9.  Never knowing at the time, this was absolutley the COOLEST thing ever, I find myself  always gavitating towards this music and constantly being inspired to live, and laugh and most importantly  Create!  I remember specifically Jean Michel Jarre’s infamous trip hop sound which still leaves me  feeling a weee bit warm and fuzzy … that little (MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT) rebellion side of me that yearns for Joan Jett or the inner free loving hippie that calls for Janis Joplin…. So through all of this musical stimulation my Fall 2010 collection was born! Rock N Rolla…a little 70’s a little 80’s but  all Rock and Roll!

cottonCan I just say WOW!  I am a HUGE electronic music fan and have always liked Tiesto…..WAIT!  I know its trance…and I said LIKED not LOVED.  BUT his new album is definitely not Trance…electro,retro, a little glitchy and melodic all wrapped up in a great package with the most suitable title “Kaleidoscope”  Then to top it off naming some of  his track Fresh Fruit, Organised Chaos..hmmmmm now that is just YUMMY!


Growing up with Volvos and realializing boxy was good, and blue glass is cool,  I have to say…they have done it again!  Who said safe couldn’t be sexy?  The new S 6O Concept car is smart, sexy and as they say has real Sewdish DNA. s60_concept_5_1024x768 Although this car is not available…. YET, you can see the progressional design come back in the the New C 30 which was featured in Twilight.  This car is practical, stylish and of course SOOOOOOOO safe.  With all of that said I had to purchase one right away.  I can’t wait to see what comes out next!wallpaper_C30_preview_3

Just to let everyone who ever had doubts about Texas and Texas Talent…here is glimpse of just some of the finalist for Texas Next Top Designer… all of these designer live right here in Texas …some from Austin, some from Dallas and sprinkle from here and there.  

Yes we do it big here in good ol’ Texas…..

Yes we have our own Top Designer competition….

Depeche Mode

April 28, 2009

dm_2008_d_m_178-1Depeche Mode…what can I say?  I have SO much to say about this new album “Sounds of The Universe”, but I will try to keep it short uhhhhhhh…..

First they are ingenious,  creating new “Space like” ambient sounds from old analog instruments but still keeping true to there own sound…never compromising their true Depeche Mode  DNA.  It took me as always, several times, to capture all of the sounds. AND,  I am still finding little nuances within each song which deepens my passion for this album.  I can’t choose a favorite because they are all fantastic. It is Intelligent,Innovative, Positive, Distinct  and SEXY!  This album will certainly have an influence on my next collection…

I think we should all take a moment to enjoy and appreciate true artistry.

If you are not familiar with Dixie Dixon and her work… you are missing out!  I have had the great honor to work with her several times and it keeps getting better!

 A little about her…a southern beauty, relatable, professional, kind, fun, and ONE BAD ASS photographer…a natural!

Her work…..uniquely clean, emotional, recognizable, broad

 on our last shoot together for My Spring 09 Collection “Hard Candy” we shot at Nylo Hotel……Take a look at a sneak peak video Dixie compiled of the Shoot

Spring 09 “Hard Candy”

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