Inspired Lately?

October 30, 2008

 I always loved getting into artists’ heads about how they are inspired to create.  You never know when you are going to come up with an instant idea and for me, there is rarely a time when I can’t find something inspirational.  Most of my inspiration starts with an instant emotional connection or feeling.  That mood translates into my designs whether it is in the color, the silhouette, or overall theme of the collection.  Music usually starts my  journey into creation as I am constantly trying to find new genres and sounds that ignite the creative spark.  Let me know what inspires you…. in the mean time check out Goldfish my new favorite group at the moment!  They mix Dance beats with jazz, african, rag time,  and seventies performing all this live on the decks and any other instrument they can get their hands on!  You can bet I will be jammin  out to this while creating my new collection!

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