Depeche Mode

April 28, 2009

dm_2008_d_m_178-1Depeche Mode…what can I say?  I have SO much to say about this new album “Sounds of The Universe”, but I will try to keep it short uhhhhhhh…..

First they are ingenious,  creating new “Space like” ambient sounds from old analog instruments but still keeping true to there own sound…never compromising their true Depeche Mode  DNA.  It took me as always, several times, to capture all of the sounds. AND,  I am still finding little nuances within each song which deepens my passion for this album.  I can’t choose a favorite because they are all fantastic. It is Intelligent,Innovative, Positive, Distinct  and SEXY!  This album will certainly have an influence on my next collection…

I think we should all take a moment to enjoy and appreciate true artistry.

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