Rock N’ Rolla!

August 12, 2010

As I am finishing to  plan out my Fall event calendar, And  yes I said Fall calendar, as I sit in 100+ degree weather …I find myself wanting a change..change in seasons, change in fashion….  So I put a request out into the universe,  and well….. the Universe answered!   Maybe I am just naturally a nostalgic type of person who likes to remember the “good times” OR maybe some things can never be duplicated and should remain in the “Never gets Old” category and should be reintroduced again and again.  Growing up in Dallas, TX was great and having eclectic,creative parents is even better!  I always had my Dallas radio DJ dad to introduce me to the latest Electronic(Musical Star streams 106.1),anything 80’s and Rock and Roll  all while doing donuts in our  Cul-de- Sac at the tender age of 9.  Never knowing at the time, this was absolutley the COOLEST thing ever, I find myself  always gavitating towards this music and constantly being inspired to live, and laugh and most importantly  Create!  I remember specifically Jean Michel Jarre’s infamous trip hop sound which still leaves me  feeling a weee bit warm and fuzzy … that little (MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT) rebellion side of me that yearns for Joan Jett or the inner free loving hippie that calls for Janis Joplin…. So through all of this musical stimulation my Fall 2010 collection was born! Rock N Rolla…a little 70’s a little 80’s but  all Rock and Roll!

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