“Aquatica” from Haute Dj photo shoot

April 14, 2011

If you are looking for a contemporary line full of life and color  HAUTE DJ  is your answer. It is not just about style but a lifestyle. Think of a woman….lets just call her Darian….or Jessica… who loves music, such as Indie pop and Electronica, with a free but sophisticated spirit ready to take on the world. The first collection from the line was inspired by artist Chihuly’s Sea Forms works, which brings to life “infinite colors, textures and movements of the ocean.” The Spring/Summer 2011 collection uses bright multicolored printed chiffon, luminous sheen jersey, vibrant solid satins and georgettes that emulate ocean waves and the delicate swirls and ripples within Chihuly’s glass works. The jewelry pieces, designed by Jessica Sharp, reflect the elements of underwater life in shape and color. And of course  No other name than “Aquatica” would do our first collection justice, it’s perfecto!  After much dedication and time, we were ready to share our vision to the world.

It was bright and early with zeal written all over our faces.  Everyone met up at Dixie Dixon’s studio in Deep Ellum.  I was about to unveil the collaboration collection and start prepping for yet another amazing shoot. Being  two Texas Next Top Designer finalists shooting our first collection, I am confident that  HAUTE DJ will be the best collaboration Dallas has seen yet.  Our team consisted of Photographer- Dixie Dixon, Design Assistant- Karina Kramer, MUA- Lyndsey Peck and Hairstylist- Yvonne Riggs. Models Jenn Vh and Lindsey Collins brought all the sass, edge, umph, and ooo-la-la… to the shoot.

A clear  sunny sky…..awkwardly warm for this time of year…. couldn’t be more perfect for this shoot. To get everyone pumped for the long day ahead Dixie put us in a trance with some techno and pop sounds from the Cascada radio station on Pandora. The hair and makeup concept behind the photo shoot included big messy buns, voluminous curls, and pop colored lips and eyes as seen on this seasons runways. Jenn Vh  has beautiful “Angelina Jolie” lips so it was only fitting that she wore dragon fruit pink lipstick with softly highlighted eyes.  Lindsey rocked a poppin’ turquoise eye  and a dark nude lip. While the models were getting their makeup and hair finished, Dixie was setting up the lighting perfectly so , Karina and I stayed busy mixing, matching , organizing and styling looks for every shot.

With everyone’s creative juices in a groove, the excitement of all of the gorgeous garments refreshing hair and MU after each style , time slipped past us in what felt like 30 minutes.  We still had to shoot Santa Cruz, Manhattan with Hermosa necklace and two more…. I felt like asking “Hello? Daytime…did you get you morning dose of coffee?” Finding the right amount of light for the shots wasn’t going to stop us. We took control, had fun, and got it done.  Just the way we like to work… smooth pace with positive energy. The end results we know are AMAZING!        

Tell us, what are your favorites?
Over all the shoot was full of life like the aquatic theme of the Spring/Summer collection. I hope the world is ready for this collaboration and vision we call  HAUTE DJ,  because this is only the beginning….
Where to next,?…… MIAMI  pick up your satellite yacht phones!

~D & J

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