Panel Discussion

July 10, 2011

The Dallas Art Dealers Association has spent 25 years dedicating itself to art and letting the world know there is nothing to be scared of. On April 16th DADA held the annual Spring Gallery Walk and Panel Discussion at the Goss-Michael Foundation. I was graced with yet another opportunity to work with DADA by participating as a panelist. For those of you who missed me the first time around, I was the guest designer for DADA’s 25th Anniversary which benefited the Edith Baker Art Scholarship. I showcased my Fall/Winter 2010 collection at the Dallas Contemporary. It was that opportunity that allowed me to be a part of this powerful panel discussion. Panel 1: The Intersection of Art and Fashion consisted of moderator Heidi Dillion and panelists Megan Mcquery, Julie Michel, Jason Sheeler, myself.

The hour and twenty minute discussion embodied very key concepts on art vs fashion and the intersection of the two. The panel questions were meant to be the key to unlock the mysterious door on fashion as an art form. Many people seem intimidated by art, as if it is only for the educated. Well that could be the farthest thing from the truth. Art is all around us and we all are influenced by it whether we realize it or not. One of the best qualities about art is that it deals with perspective, therefore inviting everyone to look, think, and speak what is on their mind when looking at art. Fashion is very much the same way, inviting. The two will forever be enablers in our cultural activities.

The questions were so intriguing and brought about many perspectives on the intersection of art and fashion. At the same time the same intersections were questioned if art is more superior to fashion. Audience participation starting weighting in towards the end. I thought that was the turning point in the discussion that dug deeper into the topic at hand. Even Lisa Taylor, Director of DADA had the urge to jump in an answer a question on demystifying art and fashion.

If you would like the full version of the panel discussion you can purchase the video for $15 by contacting DADA at Proceeds benefit the Edith Baker Scholarship and Art Career Development Fund. Here are my Top 5 Questions from the panel discussion, what are your thoughts?

1. What attributes do art and fashion share?

2. When Fashion is presented as an installation, does it automatically become art?

Jason : “ When you put a dress in a museum it is more drastic. Does it capture what the 60 ‘s were about. At the same it is not for everyone. For some people it is just a dress.”

3. Is art superior to fashion?

4. Is the concept of beauty enough to elevate fashion to the status of art?

Audience member: “I think they are not on the same level. Because they put them in the sense that they mean freedom. Art you can express anything that you want, but Fashion deals with things that are docile… ethical, cultural even moral values.”

5. How would you go about demystifying the appreciation of both fashion and art?

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